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Higher Education

Higher Education

Drupal is a popular choice in higher education, and we are all using it in creative and inventive ways. With Drupal 8, the opportunities for exploration and experimentation expand even further - from headless Drupal to top-tier configuration management. We'll showcase our successes and best-practices with Drupal 8!  And we know many universities are still on Drupal 7, so come to share what works for you and see wins from your peers.

Companion Guide to Drupal: Enhance Your Learning

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Drupal Developer
trio-interactive it services gmbh
Coding Girls, Drupal Girls, Drupal Bulgaria


There are a lot of Drupal resources out there, but it is often somehow difficult for newcomers to get started. At Coding Girls, we have often seen this beginner’s struggle, so we have come up with the idea of building a companion guide that can help everybody find their way through the Drupal realm.

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Drupal PKM: A personal knowledge management Drupal distro

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Choque Condori
MD Systems

This session aims to showcase and discuss about Drupal PKM, a personal knowledge management Drupal distribution, its development phase, the features included in the tool and future plans of it.

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Implementing Drupal at Heidelberg University

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Project Manager
Heidelberg University

In 2015 after a thorough evaluation of TYPO3 and Drupal Heidelberg University has opted for Drupal 8 as the new central CMS and Web-Application Framework. In this talk, i will report on the technical considerations, organizational decisions and available resources determining the project setup.

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Launching a successful educational portal

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Wouter Immerzeel
dev dude
Finalist IT Group
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Tom van Vliet
van Vliet
Finalist IT Group

Creating a good performing, multi target engaging portal seems like a daunting task, in this talk we will sketch some of the challenges you''ll encounter when creating an educational portal and how to overcome those challenges.

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Should my website be a learning tool?

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Teamlead Drupal & Coordinator Portal

I suppose you have all been there: a brand new feature in your website!

You know from testing that users/editors/colleagues/subscribers ... need this functionality but somewhere along the line, a video, an FAQ, a manual, and a powerpoint are made, just to make sure that people can use it.

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Understanding community values - how we turned our university challenge into success

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CMS Support / Developer
The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh, like many other Higher Education institutes, has a very large web estate and very specific web needs.

Being locked into a vender solution for years gave the staff and students very little flexibility. To meet their ever growing needs, the university took the opportunity to look at the open source web platforms.

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