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Companion Guide to Drupal: Enhance Your Learning

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There are a lot of Drupal resources out there, but it is often somehow difficult for newcomers to get started. At Coding Girls, we have often seen this beginner’s struggle, so we have come up with the idea of building a companion guide that can help everybody find their way through the Drupal realm. Our guide represents a structured and portable reference manual to various Drupal materials which both learners and instructors can use anytime, anywhere. Its main goal is to help beginners focus on the important concepts without losing too much time in a prolonged research and before they give up. In addition, the guide can either be used in a self-paced & self-study manner or incorporated easily into a curriculum. During my talk I am also going to share with you some real-life examples from my experience in teaching Drupal to high-school and university students.


What is it about?

Have you ever experienced any difficulties when starting learning Drupal? I have, and I have often been seeing students and developers stumble over the same problem. That’s why we at Coding Girls have decided to create a sort of a manual that provides expert technical guidance in learning Drupal. It is a reference to a collection of high-grade online resources such as video materials, blog posts and articles together with some additional tips & tricks. It should be noted right here that its purpose is not to replace the documentation on drupal.org, but to enforce it. The companion guide to Drupal is designed to be informative, to clarify, supplement and further enhance the official docs but most of all - to inspire the affection of the learners.

Who is this guide for?

Our companion guide is meant for everyone who starts learning Drupal but especially for high-school and university students. It is also intended to be used by instructors and teachers in order to build a Drupal curriculum or plan various workshops and courses.

Can I use it?

Most certainly, yes! Furthermore, I will be delighted if you come up with questions, new ideas and suggestions as I am always open for a lively discussion.

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