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University: A new Thunder based distro for Higher Ed

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Working with Higher Ed? Let’s meet and discuss your Drupal needs!

What are the current pain points you experience as editors, developers and users? How do we handle lots of target groups, permissions, and content in the best possible way?

Frontkom is currently releasing a new distro for Higher Ed called Drupal University. We want learn from others, and also share our code, design and best practices based on our work with Norwegian universities.

Let's discuss content editor needs, target groups, roles and groups, infrastructure based on your needs and pain points. 

We want to find that sweetspot between great and intuitive UX and great flexibility for content editors, together with a robust and sustainable platform for administering the access and functionality. 

Let's share our experiences and improve Higher Ed websites together. 


Our current open source work for Higher Ed is gathered in the Drupal 8 University Distro on drupal.org

It's build as a sub distribution for Thunder.

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