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Drupal UX Study

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Help us design a better UX for content editors! Get involved with the ongoing UX study, give your inpu on the wireframes and help us develop our user testing plan. Content editors, marketing folks, designers, and anyone else welcome!

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Enrich your Paragraphs workflow with features you didn’t know about

Industry track
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Drupal developer
MD Systems

Paragraphs module is one of the most used Drupal 8 contrib modules when it comes to content creation. The module offers many powerful, but not well known features that can significantly boost content creation experience.

In this presentation I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked How-To questions when working with Paragraphs


3.03 germanium

Front-end page composition with Geysir

Industry track
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ECM Consultant

One of the biggest complaints often heard among Drupal authors and editors, is the lack of an easy-to-use interface. In this session, we present the current state of Geysir, a contributed module we conceived with one single goal in mind: provide a great way for non-technical end-users to manage content in Drupal.

3.03 germanium
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It’s All About the Experience: What I’ve Learnt from Talking to Thousands of People About Drupal 

Industry track
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Evolving Web

Use cases for Drupal are changing and so are criteria for selecting a web development platform. This is a challenge for the community as well as individuals and companies that use Drupal. We can learn a lot by looking at the Drupal experience from different perspectives and thinking about the personas of people who interact with Drupal.


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Should my website be a learning tool?

Industry track
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Teamlead Drupal & Coordinator Portal

I suppose you have all been there: a brand new feature in your website!

You know from testing that users/editors/colleagues/subscribers ... need this functionality but somewhere along the line, a video, an FAQ, a manual, and a powerpoint are made, just to make sure that people can use it.

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