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Autosave and concurrent editing in Drupal 8

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Senior Software Developer
bio.logis GIM GmbH

Autosave ensures that content changes will not be lost if a sudden power outage or network disruption occurs. The concurrent editing feature provided by the conflict module allows for the simultaneous editing of the same content by multiple users by performing automatic merges whenever possible.


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Enrich your Paragraphs workflow with features you didn’t know about

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Drupal developer
MD Systems

Paragraphs module is one of the most used Drupal 8 contrib modules when it comes to content creation. The module offers many powerful, but not well known features that can significantly boost content creation experience.

In this presentation I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked How-To questions when working with Paragraphs


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Handy modules when building and maintaining your site

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Web developer
Amazee Labs
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Web developer
Amazee Labs

We'll show a series of modules that could be really handy when building sites with Drupal and when you're maintaining them. Most of them are from a site building point of view. The "way of the clicker".

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Should my website be a learning tool?

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Teamlead Drupal & Coordinator Portal

I suppose you have all been there: a brand new feature in your website!

You know from testing that users/editors/colleagues/subscribers ... need this functionality but somewhere along the line, a video, an FAQ, a manual, and a powerpoint are made, just to make sure that people can use it.

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There should be a better /admin/content! Improve your content management with Content Planner.

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CEO / Digital Strategist

We think, there should be a better /admin/content. As Dries mentioned in the Viennas keynote: "People (editors) spend their whole day, working with Drupal". Todays out of the box content management experience for editors can be better. We show how you can make Drupal a content editors favourite tool! We propose a whole new way of thinking about /admin/content.

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🌶Out of the BoF! Umami, Out of the Box and all that Jazz 🌶

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The Umami demo profile from the Out of the Box initiative is available in Drupal 8.6.0! However there, is much to do, including deciding going forward what there is to do. Come and join the initiative leads as we discuss 

  • existing core functionality we are not yet demoing
  • upcoming core functionality we can begin to prototype
  • how we can better involve people in the Out of the Box initiative 
  • sprint priorities for the week
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