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Content architecture

Fields, Bricks, Paragraphs, etc... What's the next? Media Driven Content Architecture.

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Drupal Practice Lead

We are looking for the best way to organize our content on a Drupal site. Now we commonly set Paragraph field instead native body field to get featured landing pages. Paragraphs have extremely flexible interface, and powerful customization abilities, but they aren't reusable.

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I Love Diagrams - Visualising Entity Structures and Processes

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I love diagrams for designing, redesigning and documenting Drupal sites and training end users. Mostly I think about entity relationship -style diagrams and diagrams for workflows. What do you use diagrams for in Drupal? When not to use diagrams? What is the best software to draw Drupal-diagrams with? Can you automate it?

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šŸŒ¶Out of the BoF! Umami, Out of the Box and all that Jazz šŸŒ¶

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The Umami demo profile from theĀ Out of the Box initiativeĀ is available in Drupal 8.6.0! However there, is much to do, including deciding going forward what there is to do. Come and join the initiative leads as we discussĀ 

  • existing core functionality we are not yet demoing
  • upcomingĀ core functionality we can begin to prototype
  • how we can better involve people in the Out of the Box initiativeĀ 
  • sprint priorities for the week
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