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Drupal in the cloud - Serverless and more

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Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications without provisioning, scale or manage any servers. The main benefits are: no server management, flexible scaling, automated high availability, flexible payment model/pay as you go.


So how does Drupal fit here? How can you transform the well know LAMP stack to be serverless?

After the session you will know the answers of these and several other questions:

  • How can you use AWS Amazon Elastic Container Service to run Drupal on docker containers without managing any servers?

  • How can you replace the standard Drupal file system with the serverless and relatively cheap AWS S3?

  • How can you generate a static version of your Drupal site and host it on AWS S3 bucket?

  • How can you replace your MySQL server with the serverless AWS Aurora Database?

  • How can you replace your Redis server with the Amazon ElastiCache?

  • How and when can you use AWS Lambda AWS Lambda@Edge functions together with Drupal?

  • Why can Serverless Drupal be useful for everybody, no matter if it is a small startup or enterprise company?

  • What lessons did my team learn from the implementation of Serverless Drupal?

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