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Quality assurance

A present for lazy developer: automating code quality control

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Technical Lead
Colours BV

A session is focusing on code quality control and goes from simple to more complicated:

1. Defining the types of problems of the code

2. Evaluating its risks: psychological, reputational, time-related

3. Looking at the tools available to evaluate the code against the problems defined: PHP Lint, PHP Code Sniffer, PHP Mess Detector

4. Covering Drupal specifics of the task

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GitLab (Auto) Review Apps with Drupal

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DevOps and Backend Developer
Reinblau eG

Automatic Drupal instances per Git branch under your control, on your own server or your Kubernetes cluster.

When working with a (remote) team and/or for your sprint review, it is essential that your colleagues, product owners or stakeholders can easily try out your software, that is, not only see, but also make use of what you have implemented. Preferably, this should be possible for each branch in your repository.


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