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Creating an enterprise level editorial experience for Drupal 8 using React

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Drupal Hero

With the powerful web APIs it has become relatively easy to create decoupled applications with Drupal 8 as a backend. A number of lighthouse applications have been created and powerful demo systems and starterkits such as 'Reservoir' und 'Contenta' have emerged.

Usually decoupled applications are used to display content, but editing of content still takes place in the backend.


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Dynamic Virtual Reality apps with decoupled Drupal

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VR-consultant and developer

VR is much more than gamers tech. It has reached the mass market as well as industry and business. Sophisticated VR-applications for commerce, marketing, design, research and many other fields need strong content management systems. We see the beginning of something big and it‘s time getting your hands on now.

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Implementing Drupal at Heidelberg University

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Project Manager
Heidelberg University

In 2015 after a thorough evaluation of TYPO3 and Drupal Heidelberg University has opted for Drupal 8 as the new central CMS and Web-Application Framework. In this talk, i will report on the technical considerations, organizational decisions and available resources determining the project setup.

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OpenSource meets Enterprise - how Drupal and SAP Hybris can team up

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Managing Partner
trio-interactive it services gmbh

Drupal is highly suitable for enterprise needs. In this case study you will learn about how Drupal can work seamlessly with commercial enterprise systems. And how they team up to provide a mighty e-business and marketing platform for our client and its international team. And you can also learn about the human digital transformation.

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