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We are all ambassadors of Drupal and we should follow a code...

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I shall be looking at how we should all strive to be great ambassadors for the Drupal Project and how I think changes to our Values, Principles and Codes of Conduct can help us grow together.


In my role as Community Liaison for the Drupal Association, I spend time considering how we as community members work together for the common good of the project.

We have a number of tools to encourage great working practices between us and we are constantly working to improve them. Indeed, we are currently working on our Values & Principles Statement and how we organise working groups etc in our community.

But what do we do to ensure that we all present Drupal as a great place to be outside of our Community? How do we encourage great behaviour to the “public”? How are we viewed by the public?

I was struck recently by the marked differences between two codes of conduct; that of the Drupal Community, as seen at https://www.drupal.org/dcoc and that of another passion of mine, the Trail Riders Federation, as seen at http://www.trf.org.uk/beginners/#3

The TRF’s CoC is far more concerned in how the riders are viewed by the general public and how each rider is an ambassador for the whole community. 

I will dive into the differences here, why they are hugely important to the future of the Drupal Project and how I personally feel we should learn from the TRF and adapt our own practices accordingly.

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