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The road to a headless Drupal Commerce future

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At Commerce Guys, we are working to make it easier to decouple Drupal Commerce to improve scalability and flexibility for agencies. We spent the earlier part of the year working on a Cart API for progressively decoupled cart experiences. The work wasn’t without its challenges. In this session, Drupal Commerce co-maintainer Matt Glaman will present the work done to develop this Cart API.


Commerce Guys works with a variety of high-volume and forward-thinking merchants who require the scalability and flexibility of JavaScript-based eCommerce solutions. Based on recent and upcoming client work, we spent February and March defining and developing a standard Cart API that supports progressively decoupled shopping carts in Drupal Commerce for Drupal 8.

The new Commerce Cart API project and the reference implementation in Commerce Cart Flyout demonstrate the end result. They afford Drupal Commerce merchants a user experience on par with other major eCommerce software platforms and hopefully make it easier for Drupal agencies to sell Drupal Commerce to their customers.

The work wasn’t without its challenges. We reviewed the core RESTful Web Services and contributed JSON API projects but found unforeseen blockers in using either project completely. In this session, Drupal Commerce co-maintainer Matt Glaman will present Commerce Guys' comparative analysis of the various API architectures in the Drupal ecosystem and introduce what we developed to meet our requirements for decoupled Drupal Commerce.

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