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We all love implementing Drupal into our customer’s projects. This is especially exciting when we are able to introduce our powerful open source platform to those who previously were unaware of how superior open source can truly be. But if you’re anything like me you always felt a slight twinge of disloyalty or discouragement when you then had to link up this fantastic Drupal experience with a closed source, dated marketing automation product. There is no longer any need to feel disheartened, Mautic exists as an open source marketing automation platform capable of solving the marketing problems of any size organization.


Now with the combined value of a world-class open source content experience platform and a world-class open source marketing automation platform you can implement a true open source solution.


Mautic has been designed with the flexibility and customizability you should expect from an open source platform built with best practices in mind. This means you can extend, customize, and improve the platform to integrate with other solutions and products easily. Through the extensive API you can connect and integrate Mautic with a wide variety of other solutions quickly and easily. But even easier, extensions such as the powerful Drupal-Mautic module allow simple one-step, convenient integration. Want to learn more? This is the place for you.

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