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While drupal.org offers a great infrastructure to host modules sometimes you just want a little more. With the use of Travis CI it's easy to run all kinds of tasks to ensure you only release high quality code for the rest of the world to use. Allow pull requests for your module instead of working with patch files? Easy! In this session you will see how you can host your module basically anywhere but still have it available the way everyone expects. And yes, your commits can still be recognized by drupal.org when you take this approach.


We host our open source contributions on GitHub and our PHP and Symfony Framework packages are using Travis CI and Scrutinizer CI to make sure we offer high quality packages. We had the desire to have the same setup for our Drupal modules too and while at first it seemed difficult we found a way to make it work. After successfully checking the code style and running all the tests the code will be pushed to drupal.org to ensure everyone can download your module in the way as other modules are downloaded.

After this session you will:

  • know the advantages and disadvantages of hosting your module externally
  • have a basic understanding of what Travis CI can do
  • have a basic understanding of what Scrutinizer CI can do
  • know what kind of tools you can use to improve the quality of your code
  • how your commits are still recognized by drupal.org

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