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Lessons Learned from applying Drupal in Higher Education Projects

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At the University of Hildesheim we have been using Drupal over the last four years in different project seminars. We have developed various prototypes such as a Design-Thinking-Documentation-System, a Design-Science-Knowledge-Portal, or a Portal for "Jugend forscht"-Alumnis.  I would like to give you an insight on our lessons learned and to show you our actual project and protoype which support the process of literature reviews in seminars.  


In european institutions of higher education Drupal is used as a Content Management System, but it is likewise clear that it is not being used in teaching courses such as project seminars. Project seminars are courses that every student of the discipline "Information Systems" at the University of Hildesheim has to take. In these courses project management methods are taught and the students have to implement a prototype. Since the most popular language in universities in Germany is Java, by teaching those project seminars I have to overcome some boundaries, for example when introducing Drupal and PHP. My talk will give you on the one hand an insight into lessons learned from having taught project seminars and Drupal since 2014, on the other hand it will show you an already implemented prototype which presently supports our courses at the university e.g. Design Thinking.   

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