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How to grow up skills, by contribution to community

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Drupal is not just CMS.

Come for the software, stay for the community

For me, the community is the best thing about Drupal.
With a community, we are not alone in a web world.
We have an international friend, mentors, colleagues for work.
We are visiting Drupal events and meet people there. We grow up and develop ourselves to be in community.


There exist many local communities around the world, but still, there are countries and cities without Drupal Community at all.
Drupalers from these regions work alone or in small groups without the benefits (means offline benefits) that community can give them.
For sure part of these contributors would like to have Drupal local community. 
Another part of Drupal people doesn't understand why they need community.

This session is about two main topics:

  • why people need the community
  • how to build and organize a local community

The session goal is to motivate contributors to be active in the Drupal community.
Become a member of local events and do valuable commitment.
Find self in the community and grow up personal skills by contribution.

The session audience is general and no need specific skills.
The main what attendee should have is: be a part of a community.

The session will be an international version of the session what I have on DrupalCampKyiv2017
Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/DrupalCamp_Kyiv/how-to-grow-up-skills-by-contribution-to-community-andriy-yun-liubov-zhurba
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwBhc07KXBc

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