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Full Stream ahead in 8 weeks and beyond

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In this presentation we will showcase our approach on the digital transformation for the Oil & Gas Industry with the migration of GE Oil & Gas and Baker Hughes. Expect a combination of the business case, a customized agile approach and the technical solution as topics for this presentation. 


Business Case

  • The migration of GE Oil & Gas and Baker Hughes was nothing less than a digital transformation for the Oil & Gas industry.
  • A combination of Brains & Brawn, delivered a truly full stream digital industrial company.
  • A new platform that celebrates the brand, pushed the new business and helps to deliver.
  • A fully integrated platform across inter- and intranet, that serves the world and their employees by combining the best of both companies .
  • Introduction of new best practices and technologies to position the BHGE brand as true future frontier for the industry and beyond.
  • Platform to quickly release future satellite websites.


  • How to approach an aggressive timeline and get alignment of many stakeholders from two formerly competitive companies.
  • Introduction of our platform process, using a lockstep agile approach.
  • Using workshops to gather business requirements and user needs.
  • Using parallel work streams of UX, design, development and content creation.
  • Delivery of full flexible components in an iterative way to fulfill the content needs of the new company.   

Technical Solution

  • Drupal 8 as CMS with a multisite approach.
  • One codebase to leverage both the inter- and intranet platform with similar components and content types.
  • A combination of Acquia Cloud and Acquia Site Factory for a scalable and affordable platform.
  • A powerful faceted Search solution using SOLR.
  • A fixed rhythm of seamless DTAP deployments with a best of breed package of CI tools.
  • Continuous security testing during development of the first launch and beyond, integrated in the deployment process.
  • SSO integration for scalable and user (un-)provisioning.
  • Multi-purpose Components
  • Acquia Dam integration

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