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Drupal as an interface to a world of commerce

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Micro services are the new cool, but administration interfaces are either decoupled, connected using an SSO, or that monolith in the stack added on top.

In this talk we will focus on how Drupal 8 is not just a CMS, but a construction kit to build powerfull interfaces for a bunch of decoupled micro-services.

We will showcase a real-life use case where we combined 3 languages, 5 different software stacks and 8 micro-services into a single Drupal 8 user interface.


In this talk, attendees will learn how Drupal 8 can be leveraged to build consistent User Interfaces for multiple external (micro-)services to provide both the administration as rendering of our decoupled e-commerce solution.

Building a micro-service powered e-commerce solution for a retail branch of a tire manufacturer with a European network of franchises spread over more than 15 countries turned out to be a challenge.

Because most poin-of-sales use their own ERP/Order-management system with which we needed to integrate, we decided to split the application into 8 micro-services using 3 different languages and 5 different software stacks. A single Drupal 8 instance acts as a Content repository, a page-builder for our ReactJs front-end and an administration interface for the underlying services. This allowed us to create a single consistent interface for every role in the clients organization without exploding the budget or sacrificing flexibility.

The idea is to show how one can leverage Drupal 8 to:

  • build consistent administration interfaces for external services
  • build pages composed of both ReactJs components as Drupal paragraphs (using the paragraphs module and custom blocks)


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