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Docker 101 for Drupal Developers

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Although this session is based at newer users, I aim to go over the basics of Docker and would relish some mentors to assist users. We will aim to make it as practical and hands-on as possible. So, come along, learn how to get started with Drupal on Docker and how it can be used for managing better software.


The aim is to take new Docker users and finish off with having them deploying Drupal based applications into a cluster. It will cover all of the main parts of using Docker and push developers to find new ways of building their applications.

Workshop Overview:

  1. What is Docker?
  2. Docker for Devs and Docker for Ops
  3. Using Docker on Command Line
  4. Using and Choosing Different Containers
  5. Break (10-15 mins)
  6. Introduction to Docker Compose
  7. Writing your applications into Docker Compose
  8. Different Applications inside Docker
  9. Going Further with Docker
  10. Deployment into Clusters
  11. Break
  12. Speeding up your builds and images
  13. Extending Docker in your organisation

I have run this workshop for both Python and JavaScript users and would love to be able to share some detail with the Drupal community. The real prerequisites for the workshop would be that someone has a laptop and has some idea of how Drupal is built, so although it would be absolutely fine for new developers, it is going to be heavily based around code and command line.

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