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Why agencies and their clients should understand Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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The most important goal for any website is to create conversions: purchases in an online store, sign-ups for a newsletter and enrollments to events.

Learn the basics of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and make more deals as an agency or grow your business as a client.

This session covers the basic principles and tools needed to start improving your website conversion rate.


Creating conversions is the reason why your website or your client’s website exists. The types of conversion can vary. A conversion might be a purchase from an online store, a click to join a mailing list or a click to attend a conference.

Whatever conversions you are after you should always seek to improve the rate at which your visitors are converting. In fact, improving conversion rate should be the most important factor to consider when planning new features to your existing website or when planning a new site.

However, as a project manager, I have seen that in surprisingly many projects Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) does not play any role at all.

My session targets sales staff, project managers and anyone who benefit from improving website conversion rates and is not yet familiar with CRO. The goal of my session is to increase awareness related to CRO and its importance, and to outline the first steps participants should take for growing their business through CRO.

By attending the session, the participants can expect to gain the following learnings:

  • What CRO is and why it is extremely important
  • What tools and systems are needed to measure conversion rates
  • What principles and tools can be used to improve conversion rates
  • How to grow your business by improving your website conversion rates
  • Additional resources for learning more about CRO, web analytics and A/B testing

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