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Herding cats – How to build and run a large distributed team of experts

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The vast majority of organisations and companies today run in a model that’s designed for the Industrial Age. The world is seen as a complicated place, where a small team of expert leaders is required to make sense of it and provide instructions for the operational staff. This mode of operation is no longer applicable in the Internet Age we operate in. At best, the company fails to tap into the full potential of its employees. At worst, work is demotivating and people show up only to get their salary slip once a month.


Building and running a growth company makes things not only complicated but complex. The tools, processes and roles that apply one day are obsolete the next. This complexity increases by an order of magnitude when operating in a distributed international setting where you can’t see and meet your staff, let alone understand the clients and markets across regions. 

Fortunately, there are proven ways in which these obstacles can be overcome.




I co-founded the company today known as Wunder back in 2009 and played a key role in taking it from zero to about 135 people across five countries before resigning as the CEO early this year. 

This session is a practical walkthrough of what we found useful and valuable when building the operating system of Wunder. I’ll go through the belief system, tools and processes to help participants find field-tested alternatives for the traditional control-focused tools the world is used to utilising over the past century. I will not present a case study or the history of Wunder, but rather a hands-on from which participants will have practical things to take away.

My target audience for the session extends beyond traditional agency owners, leaders and managers. The talk and following discussion are for everyone in an organisation, not just for people traditionally responsible for running one.

A BoF session will be organised following the talk to enable further discussion on related topics.

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