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Commerce 2.x for the business-specific - Feedback on a 2k person days project

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After 1 year and almost 2k person days of work on a commerce 2.x project to book parking places, site is up and we'll see how Commerce 2.x is made for business-specific e-commerce.


Many e-commerce solutions exist, we already worked with Drupal Commerce 1.x, Prestashop, Magento, Sylius. All of them can deal with traditional e-commerce. For business-specific e-commerce with content management none are better than Commerce 2.x.

Business-specific e-commerce can be hard to translate to e-commerce. After many years working with Commerce 1.x, building such a site with complex problematics has never been so easy.

Under the hood:

  • Custom price calculations
  • Customize almost each part of commerce entities and plugins (order, product, promotion, adjustment)
  • Multilingual
  • 2 checkouts
  • 2 new payments gateways
  • Solr search
  • Coupled to CRM, ERP, external mailer, external sms provider
  • Migrations
  • CSV export
  • REST webservices
  • Subscriptions
  • Tests
  • and many others.

In this session we will expose the challenges we faced, both functional and specific to commerce/drupal and how we successfully dealed with them. We will talk about tools and processes we used to...

Finally, we will discuss about improvements.

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