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Friday is mentored contribution day and you can be a key part of it!

The Friday mentored contribution days are one of the most amazing parts of big Drupal events - so many people working together to make Drupal even more wonderful. 

As part of creating the right environment for new people to become involved in our Drupal contributor community, we want to ensure that we have proper tasks for them to work on during the day.

Triage is not the correct term, because we want to collect as many Novice issues as we can for the contribution day on Friday.

We will be curating issues with the Novice tag: make sure that there is still something that a novice can do to move the issue forwards, and that it is clearly stated in the issue description.

In this BoF, we will go over core issues that are marked Novice in the issue queue, and ensure that they match the criteria listed here: https://www.drupal.org/contributor-tasks/triage-novice-issues. If the issue does not match those criteria, then we will remove the Novice tag.

If you are planning to be a mentor on Friday, then you are especially welcome at this BoF! We encourage you to work on issues that you care about on Friday. Since you will be there to guide the new contributors, it is OK to include issues that would not normally be considered good for novices.

Remember to sign-up for the contribution days and as mentor on https://drupaleurope.org/program/contribution!

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