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Public Code with Free Software: Modernising Digital Public Infrastructure

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Software is deeply involved in all aspects of the 21st century. It is important that this technology empowers rather than restricts citizens and public bodies, and Free Software is the key to secure the necessary digital and analogue freedoms.

In this talk, Max Mehl will turn the spotlight on the successful "Public Money? Public Code!" initiative which aims at ensuring that public administrations have full control over the software and the computer systems at the core of our states' digital infrastructure. The audience will learn why Free and Open Source Software is a crucial precondition to secure a healthy software market, individual civil rights, and our today's democracies.


In our community, we are often thinking too technical when it comes to solving social problems. The question whether and how a society can exert control over technology is fundamental and has to be answered taking political, economical and technical aspects into consideration.

"Public Money, Public Code" is a universal theme for ideas and movements towards a modern digital public infrastructure with Free and Open Source Software, no matter the size or region it is adapted to, or from with which background. Therefore, this talk may close gaps between different fields and gives fresh ideas for action to the audience.

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