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Paperless: The paper-to-digital transformation chronology

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One of the YMCAs located in Minnesota with almost 30 locations has been suffering from paperwork for many years. Every day hundreds of visitors had to sign papers just to enter gym or swimming pool. Some of the papers have to be stored for 20 years. As a result tons of paper have been just occupying the place and time of the staff.

We are going to share the insights of solving this problem with Drupal, React and more than hundred of tiny tablet computers.


During this session you'll learn about the process of building Digital Signature Capture project. We'll walk you through all phases of the project and share our main tips & tricks that you may use.

The paper-to-digital transformation chronology

Indeed, the project is successful, but there were some difficulties, pitfalls, and problems we've faced during its implementation and adopting. All these we'll be covered during the session.

You'll learn about:

  •  deployment of the application to hundred of tablet computers
  •  performance issues and ways to solve them
  •  CRM integration details 
  •  setup of tablet computers on the locations
  •  agile process of project implementation
  •  pros and cons of digital signature capture

We will be happy to share the key concepts of architecture, implementation and the most recent numbers & statistics. 

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