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How Drupal Can (and Is) Powering Open Data Efforts Worldwide

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Drupal has emerged as a powerful platform to help governments successfully manage open data initiatives. DKAN is an open source Drupal distribution that allows users anywhere on Earth to build a community-based open data portal with a full suite of data cataloguing, publishing, and visualization features. 

Since 2012, DKAN has been used by academic, governmental, and non-profit organizations across 30+ countries to leverage open data efforts, share geospatial data, empower scientists to perform and share groundbreaking research, and much more. 

Notable U.S.-based sites include HealthData.gov, the State of California’s open data portal, and the Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Library. Each of the aforementioned open data portals contain hundreds of datasets and resources, allowing citizens, researchers, journalists and policy-makers to access information that would otherwise be quite difficult to obtain. 

DKAN’s built-in features also include robust web service APIs, geospatial data previews, compliance with federal and international open data standards, customizable metadata schema mapping and more.

Additionally, DKAN's nature as an open source open data platform has fostered a diverse and inclusive community of users who support one another's efforts. Through community events as well as our Slack network and GitHub, users are able to provide direct feedback to the DKAN team for enhancements and improvements.


During this session, we’ll take a tour of how DKAN is used to open up data across Europe - from the oceanic archives of Marine Scotland to the data behind numerous cities and transit agencies in Germany, and even historical records from the lost city of Pompeii.

Attendees will also become familiar with DKAN’s out-of-the-box content types, which include Datasets, Resources, Groups, Pages, Data Stories, and Visualizations. We’ll also discuss optional add-on modules such as Harvester and Workflow, which allow for advanced data cataloging and site moderation. Finally, you’ll learn how to create and manage a DKAN open data portal of your own.

Learn about how organizations are sharing their ideas and data with one another to build a better world through the DKAN open data community, and how you can get involved.

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