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Conversational Commerce: Integrating Bots with Drupal Commerce

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Companies have successfully started using chatbots to connect with consumers to meet basic request and chat-based interfaces will probably replace apps as the primary way people use the internet.

Today chat and voice based bots can not only read, write but also respond in a conversational user interface. Bots are now able to automate workflows, transactions, initiate conversations and also personalize engagements for the users in different industries like healthcare, education, search and even E-commerce.


In this session we will talk about how Bots offer a way to change the shopping experience through “conversational commerce” where consumer and business are able to connect in more meaningful way.

We will see how Decoupled Drupal Commerce, Bot Frameworks and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) can be used to provide a seamless shopping experience for ECommerce websites built in Drupal using Drupal services layer.

  • How we can expose some the common E-commerce functionality like search, exploring products and more as REST API’s.

  • Bots will allow search and explore the products by integrating Drupal Commerce APIs.

  • Bots will allow simple, convenient add to cart, review cart functionality via message-based interactions.

  • Bots can provide relevant actions while browsing the products.

In the session, we will talk about -

  • Drupal 8 core services and creating custom REST API’s.

  • Using Decoupled Drupal Commerce API’s with a ChatBot.

  • Using Node.js and Bot Framework to build ChatBot.

  • Some of the Bot frameworks and other cognitive services that can be used to build Bots for your use-case.

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