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Party at the Bayerischen Biergarten

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On Tuesday afternoon, we all gather in the Bavarian Beer Garden, for an outdoor party in typical German style. Whether you like kartoffelsalat or bratwurst, with beer or apfelschorle, this will be the place to be on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday evening, meet the attendees of Drupal Europe in Darmstadt's Bavarian Beer Garden, where you can enjoy typical German beer garden food and drinks. The party location is mostly outdoors, but in case of bad weather, we will be able to use a covered area.

How to get there (and leave)

The easiest way to get there is with the tram line 4/5 which takes around 10min between Luisenplatz (600m from the venue) and Eissporthalle (350m from the beer garden). There are trams every 15min in both directions until about 23:00, after which the frequency gets reduced to one every 30min. 

You can also cycle to the party, and leave your bike in the bike park in the beer garden.

Finally you can also walk to the party. It should take between 45-90 minutes.

What to eat / drink

The menu (in German or translated English) includes different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and different kinds of typical German beer garden food both vegetarian and meat-based.

Thanks to MediaMonks, we have more than 500 free drinks. You'll be given a voucher for a free drink by one of the volunteers at the entrance of the party. In the (un-)likely event that we run out of free drinks, you can also buy beers/soft drinks for around €3.50.

Food ranges from €3 to €10.

You can also have dinner in the city center before, and then make your way to the party location.

What to wear

Bring casual clothes, unless you happen to have lederhosen or a dirndl, and since it might get chilly later on, bring a jacket to keep you warm.

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