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This session will include discussion of what Core Mentoring and the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion Contrib team offer and what we've been up to recently, as well as how you can get started with contributing to Drupal core or organize a contribution event of your own. 


Drupal Core Mentoring exists to encourage and increase contributions to the Drupal project. Mentoring supports and strengthens our community and individuals by providing a place to learn and develop open source contribution skills. One of the many things we do is to provide the framework and support for contribution initiatives across the community. We also help organize contribution days at major Drupal events like DrupalCon and Drupal Europe using established team roles, tools, and workflows.

The Drupal Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) Contrib team has been working to increase contributions from individuals who are under-represented and/or marginalized in the Drupal community by conducting regular contribution mentoring meetings as well as organizing a virtual contribution day to provide a safe and accessible way for anyone to start contributing. We'll discuss the need for this effort as well as the methods and resources used to make it possible.

You'll come away from this session ready to attend the contribution day on Friday and/or organize your own contribution event. We'll talk about some of the possible barriers to contribution and how to overcome them, as well as how other open source communities and initiatives have approached mentoring.

Experienced and new mentors and contributors are welcome! There's a way to contribute to Drupal for everyone, no matter your previous experience. To sign up as a mentor for Drupal Europe, please check out the contribution page here.

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