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Launching a successful educational portal

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Creating a good performing, multi target engaging portal seems like a daunting task, in this talk we will sketch some of the challenges you''ll encounter when creating an educational portal and how to overcome those challenges.


In this talk targeted at technical leads, architects, product owners and project managers we'll dive into the folllowing subjects:

Technical choices / architecture, what is the place of Drupal in the existing application ecosystem, what options should you consider when making choices, is Drupal used as a content distribution system or is it used as a monolithic application?

Performance testing, Performance is key. Especially when we are aiming at students, for instance, who would like to check their day schedule every morning. This simply implies that we have to take peak times into account and have to have load and stress testing in place as part of your CI. We'll look at the pain points in your application, how to spot them and how to tackle them. 

External and backoffice applications integrations,  educational institutions often have a multitude of external  and backoffice applications that have information that needs to be made accessible through your portal. We will look at data integration as well as data enrichment.

Target audiences, Teachers, students, researchers, all audiences with very different needs that have to get information out of a portal.

Politics in Education, Often underestimated: the larger the organisation, think of a university with faculties, the more challenges at the political level. The danger of ending up in an unsatisfactory compromise lies in wait. We will show some insights how to cope with this aspect.


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