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Down the rabbit hole: containerizing your Drupal site on Kubernetes and deploying it the blue/green way

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This session is about containerizing your Drupal site in Kubernetes (on Google Cloud) and deploying it with Jenkins and pipeline scripts.
We'll be using a method called "blue/green" deployments to dramatically minimize the downtime of your site and provide redundancy features / having some extra safety nets in case something goes wrong.


During this talk, we'll be going over on how you can update your Drupal code on Kubernetes using blue-green deployments.
First off, we'll go into what "blue/green deployments" actually are and how we can realize this easier than ever using the power of containers.
Furthermore, deploying blue/green has many advantages, like deploying with barely (if any) downtime, but also a couple of disadvantages and pitfalls. 
We will cover all this good stuff by going over our story so far of becoming a dedicated hosting company with a starting focus on Drupal. 
I'll talk about the dangers and issues we faced while deploying normally on our old infrastructure and how we tackled these in our new environment on Kubernetes.
Of course, our new environment and deploying blue/green isn't always a bed of roses.
Finally, I'll give you some insights and talk about the added complexity and challenges of deploying in this new manner we faced along the way.

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