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3.10 hydrogenium

GDPR for Open Technology Companies - Exove


The course introduces and discusses the basics – and also some advanced stuff – that every company should know about the GDPR.  The length of the course is three hours and it is aimed for business people and project managers.

You will learn the basic concepts of GDPR, its requirements from you and your clients, best practices and tips based on numerous GDPR audits and compliance projects, and to understand risks related to dealing with private data.

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3.06 xenon

Getting Started with Drupal 8 - Maarten De Block


Taking your first steps in Drupal? Get to know the history of Drupal, learn to install and manage the system! Maarten De Block is an experienced trainer and author of 2 Drupal books. He helps you navigate through the basics in easy to understand language. The course is hands on, so bringing your laptop is an absolute must. To make sure we can start quickly, please make sure to install Acquia Dev Desktop.

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spectrum B
spectrum C



We'll have plenty of space for contribution with two separate rooms dedicated all week. This day is most suitable for existing contributors, but some mentors will be around to help newcomers. A full program of new contribution orientation is happening on Friday. Read more about contribution opportunities and mentoring.

3.10 hydrogenium

GDPR for Developers - Exove


European privacy regulation demands a lot of understanding of privacy. Most of the public discussion is on a high level and does not help to design and develop systems to be in compliance with GDPR. This three hour course focuses on the technical aspects of GDPR. The course is for developers only. Business people and project managers will not gain much from the course due to its technicality, unless they have a developer background. 

You will learn how to approach technical challenges with a proper care of users' privacy, what are the common pain points in architectures and how to deal with them, how to properly handle data under GDPR, and how to make sure that everything is designed as privacy first.

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3.07 argon

Drupal Association public board meeting


A strong feedback loop with the Drupal Association members and the community is vitally important to ensuring the association is building the right programs and educating the world about the Drupal open source project. Building and maintaining an open and transparent organization is essential to the association's continued success. The community is invited to participate in the planning and governance of the organization. 

This is one of the quarterly open board meetings. You can also submit your questions and feedback ahead of time.



Food is served for all attendees on level 3.

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Feel free to join contribution groups and the training and then come back to check-in on Level 0 in the afternoon.

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