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First timers contribution workshop

Get up to speed with community tools: Drupal.org, issue queues, communication channels, and if needed, installing Drupal 8 locally. Our mentors are excited to get you ready to tackle real issues.
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Mentored contribution

Learn while helping improve Drupal! Plenty of mentors will be available to help you get started. If you're not sure where to start contributing, this is for you! If you are also new to the tools to use, attend our first-timer contributor workshop first to get to know drupal.org, the issue queue, communication tools, etc. and then join this mentored contribution space.

Mentored contribution has been held at DrupalCon since Sydney 2013 and at many local and regional Drupal events.

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General contribution

Our general contribution spaces continue from earlier days. If you are already familiar contributing, walk up to the team you are interested to join and say hi! If not, depending on your experience level, choose either the first timers workshop or mentored contribution.


Food is served for all attendees on level 1 around the contribution areas.

Most social events are organised by community members and sponsors. We are looking forward to expanding our social events list with you.

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