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Handling Agency Team Capacity Challenges

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We're all in Drupal business. And no matter what the agency size is, either it's a one-man shop or 100+ company, sales ups and downs happen everywhere. Have you faced the issue, when you can't handle the brand new client request because of the lack of your in-house team? 

If that's typical for you at this stage or you see the potential risks in the upcoming future, let's discuss the ways how to find a balance between new sales opportunities and the team workload.


- the balance between the sales pipeline and team availability;
- how to mitigate the development peaks;
- pros an cons of working with external dev provider.

Drupal Community is all about sharing experience and continuous growth of community members. As we're standing in front of Q4, statistically the most profitable business season, let's prepare together and consider various options for the team capacity. 

See you there!

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