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Drupal Watchdog: Discussing a New Business Model

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Follow-on to the talk The Future of Drupal Watchdog Magazine earlier in the day.

That talk will cover what role Drupal Watchdog should play in the community, this BoF serves to discuss HOW that goal could be achieved.

Who should attend

This BoF is for anyone interested in contributing directly to the success of Drupal Watchdog, including:

  • sponsors
  • partners
  • high-volume content contributors
  • editors or other publishing roles
  • anyone else with a concrete idea or offer on helping Drupal Watchdog succeed

BoF Focus

The focus will not be on content, but rather on developing a business model for a self-supporting media product that serves the Drupal Community.

moderated by Brian Osborn, CEO of Linux New Media and Publisher of Drupal Watchdog

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