Contribution mentoring

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Everybody has something to contribute

Drupal is made possible by a very diverse group of people around the globe using a huge variety of skills including but not limited to user experience design, project management, development, planning, testing, bug reporting, performance analytics, integration, triage, event organization, marketing, session recording, photography, translations, book authoring, and the list goes on and on. Some examples:

  • Translators — Your are good in a written language other than English and know how to contribute to Drupal translations? We need you!
  • Content Strategists — Want to work on reorganizing the documentation and improving the content quality? We need you!
  • Project Managers — You want to bring forward certain initiatives and know how to build a team with different expert skill sets and how to facilitate the progress? We need you!
  • Marketeers — You have ideas for advancing the promotion of Drupal and need a team? And you are good at sharing your strategy insights? We need you too!

And that is just for starters! If you have ideas on how to contribute, participate in our contribution opportunities. 

Looking for contribution mentors

Already have experience contributing and want to help spread the best practices? (We also mentor new mentors!). Here is how you can get involved:

Attend mentor events at Drupal Europe:

  • Mentor for a half day or the whole day Monday or Friday
  • Assist participants in First-Timer Workshop on Friday
  • Review participants' work
  • Help people choose the right contribution room for them, greet people, take pictures, etc.
  • Have yourself listed many times as a mentor on

Learn more about mentoring at Drupal events.

Sign up to be a mentor

We are looking for volunteers to serve as mentors to help new participants on Monday and Friday at Drupal Europe. Mentors help new contributors set up their development environments (if needed), find tasks, and work on issues.

We will hold a training session that will help prepare mentors - be sure to attend this session!

Already on the team

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Content creator
Open Strategy Partners

I've been involved in the Drupal Community with the core mentoring group since 2013, and have rededicated myself to Drupal in the last year. Looking forward to working with the mentoring team again in Darmstadt to bring new contributors on board!

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Senior Developer
Hubert Burda Media
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Initiative coordinator coordinator
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Co-founder / CTO
erdfisch – Die Drupalschaft
Drupal e. V. – German Drupal Association
  • Drupal Europe Organizer
  • Chair of Drupal e.V. - German Drupal Association
  • CTO and Founder of erdfisch – Die Drupalschaft
  • Lecturer for Web-Development Workflow with Drupal at Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg
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CMS Support / Developer
The University of Edinburgh

I started working with Drupal four years ago in a support role to the University of Edinburgh Drupal 7 CMS. More recently I've started getting involved in site building, coding and contributing to modules. I have attended 3 DrupalCons and love the community spirit. Volunteering for Drupal Europe is my biggest contribution to date and has opened my eyes to how great this community is.

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