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Social + Non-Profit

Social Nonprofit

Usually rich in project ideas and low in budget, non-profit organizations are the first in line when cooperation opportunities rise. Bevor you re-invent the wheel, meet colleagues and join forces, learn how to use pre-configured Drupal distributions and get inspired by ground-breaking social projects built with Drupal.

What makes Drupal great is it’s community. And human interaction is at the core of the Drupal community. Knowledge sharing, helping each other, organizing and volunteering for Drupal related events, raising awareness about what Drupal can do and how it can help you, all of this come natural to us.

This track is for everyone wanting to hear stories about how Drupal helped make dreams come true.

Building a Social Impact Platform with Drupal Distributions: from migrant to government projects

Industry track
Profile picture for user Carlos Miranda Levy
Miranda Levy
Social Innovation Coordinator
Civil Innovation Lab
Impact Migrants

Social Impact is and must be the main goal and measure of any social intervention initiative. Yet, often tech tools take over the priority of projects and teams who end up focusing on features and services, sidelining engagement, empowerment, achievement and impact. Users are not stakeholders.

Expertise topics

Case Study: How we built a protected community for people with MS

Industry track
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Elvira Perez
Backend Developer
Cocomore AG
Jose Luis
Cocomore AG

We built a Drupal 7 platform with the goal to connect people with Multiple Sclerosis in a protected environment. By doing so, we tried to combine two contradictory topics: Privacy & data protection as well as networking.

3.02 Hassium

How UNICEF Built A Donation Platform Across 135 Currencies and 7 Languages

Industry track
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Four Kitchens

In our session, we’ll discuss how UNICEF partnered with Blue State Digital, Four Kitchens, and Motherlode Media to build a custom global payments platform.  We’ll focus on how we addressed UNICEF’s need to set up global campaigns, localized to donors in different countries in a matter of minutes, while simultaneously supporting local UNICEF offices in their own fundraising needs.


Why Greenpeace moves to a multi-instance Wordpress architecture

Industry track
Profile picture for user lilian
Planet 4 Implementer
Greenpeace International

It has been a year since the decision to go for a multi instance architecture Wordpress was made, and since then the technical track has focused on the much needed groundwork to enable such architecture and complete redesign of Greenpeace.org Greenpeace's global CMS.

2.04 Titanium

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