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Drupal has been well utilized with publishers and the media industry for years, but often hidden under the hood. With Drupal 8, the Publishing and Media industry has reached a new level. Many publishers launched projects on Drupal 8 and dedicated distributions focusing on publishing when they became available. This track brings publishing / media people together, to share interests and ideas, to listen and learn, to discuss challenges and develop solutions, in the collaborative environment that Drupal has to offer.

Though Drupal has been a well utilized platform for publishers for years, it has not been emphasized for this purpose, but positioned more as a technology, recognized by technicians.

But this has changed with Drupal 8. Since Burda’s Thunder distribution, the NP8 distribution of the Swiss association Media Commons, Springer Ringier’s large headless Drupal project and Le Temps huge Drupal web site (with 4.2 Million page views p. month), Drupal 8 has reached a new level of recognition within the publishing industry.

There is momentum in people’s understanding that OpenSource can change a whole industry. A chance that publishers think about cooperation, when it comes to technology, instead of having big players like Google, Facebook, Twitter, ebay, etc. shape the landscape of technology for publishing and advertising. Open Source is a chance to progress publishing and advertising technology in publishers’ interest and to join forces in a global scale.

Drupal Europe is a great place to make this visible, within a special Publishing Conference track. We want to reach out beyond the group of technicians, web programmers and insiders, that will be attracted by Drupal Europe, and want the publishing community (journalists, editors, advertising staff) to recognize what Open Source is. This is the mission of a publishing conference within Drupal Europe. People in the publishing industry should know about the possibility of building a web publishing CMS in Open Source, by, with and for the publishing industry.

Track Chairs

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Community Manager
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Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
drupal for publishing evangelist

I am glad to be part of the DrupalEurope team, helping to organize the publishing / media vertical. This is in exiting times, times of crisis and promises at the same time. A chance that publishers start to think about cooperation, when it comes to technology, instead of having big players like Google, Facebook, Twitter, ebay, etc. shaping the landscape of technology for publishing and advertising. This is right where I want to be :)

Session proposals

Contentpool - Centrally editing distributed content!

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drunomics GmbH

Today, a typical organization and publishing houses runs dozen of websites. Besides the desire of quickly spinning up and launching new sites, the need of re-using content quickly comes up. This is where our contentpool Drupal distribution comes in!

Building high-performance Thunder sites

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drunomics GmbH

The goal of our latest Thunder-based publishing project was to launch high performant, successful sites with decent test coverage. In this session we'll discuss the initial architecturial considerations (decoupling?) and share the experiences gained while working on the project.

How the biggest trade fair in sports became a leading digital publisher


ISPO is the world's largest trade fair for sporting goods and sportswear and thanks to the Drupal-based distribution Thunder, it is now also a leading digital publisher of sports news with a platform of major news from the global sports industry.

Integration an editorial calendar with Drupal / Thunder

CEO & Founder
Desk-Net GmbH

Drupal handles your content. Desk-Net manages your editorial department. Together they are a match made in heaven. 

This session details how we have deeply integrated our editorial calendar software Desk-Net with Drupal. Plan stories in Desk-Net and move them over to Drupal. Or publish breaking news in Drupal and see how the story lists in Desk-Net are updated in near real-time.

Content Syndication, Staging and Synchronization in Drupal

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From universities with a large number of sites to enterprise content providers that are used to professional publishing workflows similar to AEM or Sitecore, content publishing in Drupal becomes increasingly important with the expanding possibilities of content creation itself.

Improving the Editor Experience: Paragraphs FTW

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Web developer
Amazee Labs

We'll show a demo of two sites, and, where we made a set of paragraphs for Editors to use, to make varying layouts for their content. Then we'll walk through how we made them.