Higher Education

Higher Education

Drupal is a popular choice in higher education, and we are all using it in creative and inventive ways. With Drupal 8, the opportunities for exploration and experimentation expand even further - from headless Drupal to top-tier configuration management. Let’s showcase our successes and best-practices with Drupal 8!  And we know many universities are still on Drupal 7, so come to share what works for you and see wins from your peers.

Track Chairs

Project Manager
Heidelberg University
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Teamlead Drupal & Coordinator Portal

I love what Drupal can do for VDAB - a public employment service, investing in narrowing knowledge gaps.
I'm not a dev, I'm just a team lead / proxy / scrum master / tester ;-)
I love the Drupal community, and after a little bit of volunteering during former Drupalcons I want to really join the club now.

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CMS Support / Developer
The University of Edinburgh

I started working with Drupal four years ago in a support role to the University of Edinburgh Drupal 7 CMS. More recently I've started getting involved in site building, coding and contributing to modules. I have attended 3 DrupalCons and love the community spirit. Volunteering for Drupal Europe is my biggest contribution to date and has opened my eyes to how great this community is.

Session proposals

Is Pragmatic Functional Programming for PHP Devs Possible?

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Product Engineer

Short answer -- probably not. But that still does not make it less interesting for academic purposes, or people who code for fun. Take this session to deep dive into the history of computing and the reason we've got today's coding paradigms, and get an overview of functional PHP, it's abilities and limits.