The Government vertical track of the Drupal Europe Conference is focused on trends and innovations as well as all aspects of the current developments and challenges within the government space.

In an exciting mix of case-studies, panel-discussion and thematic sessions the following, most burning topics will be discussed

  • Open access, data, government and standards
  • Accessibility / Inclusivity
  • Digital-by-default citizen services
  • User experience design for digital services
  • Hosting and Security
  • Content Management and Usability of digital tools
  • and more

We strive to provide the best possible lineup of speakers and session with a great variety of interesting topics to create the best conference for attendees working within and who are interested in government. 

We ask you to submit interesting session proposals to create an awesome conference. Session proposals are not limited to Drupal and all topics in relationship with the above are welcome.

If you need help with creating your session submission or want to discuss your session topic don't hesitate to get in touch with the track chairs at

Track Chairs

Web Developer
US Department of State
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Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung von Dingen
CMS Garden e. V.

Stephan is an open source evangelist. His technology company is currently orchestrating various open source software as GDPR-compliant SaaS. Stephan has been a long-term board member of Drupal e. V. and is currently chairman of CMS Garden e. V. Untiringly promoting open source to federal authorities, he has also been one of the initiators of deGov Drupal distribution.

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As Europeans are among the most active members in the Drupal community I look forward to a strong conference tailored to the interests of Europeans such as industry verticals and country specific case-studies.

Session proposals

Developing for privacy and data protection

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Open source projects can have a positive impact on privacy across the web. First, though, we need to understand our very different cultural and legal approaches to privacy, and define what privacy actually means.