The eCommerce industry continues to grow rapidly year over year, bringing more merchants online and driving larger profits. With that growth comes the increased need for rich content, innovative product merchandising, and integration into an ever increasing number of third party sales, marketing, and fulfillment tools. Drupal has always excelled as a platform for building unique customer experiences, and it continues to come into its own as an adaptive sales platform via projects like Drupal Commerce.

This track includes content that helps merchants understand how to start and grow their online businesses, demonstrates to developers how to build ambitious eCommerce sites, and incorporates solution providers who improve the whole process via integrations -- all with Drupal.

Suggested topics:

  • What competitive advantages does Drupal bring to online merchants?
  • What are the benefits of Drupal-native eCommerce solutions vs. integrating external systems?
  • Case studies for unique or ambitious implementations of Drupal for eCommerce
  • Latest trends in eCommerce (e.g. payment, fulfillment, security, taxes, etc.)
  • Latest trends in building eCommerce websites (e.g. headless, multichannel, AI, etc.)

Track Chairs

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Lead Developer
Commerce Guys
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Drupal enthusiast, developer, contributor & co-organizer DrupalCamp Transylvania

Session proposals

Breaking the double digit, no wait, double digit millions, barrier for products.

Technical Team Lead
Ny Media

In this session we present how we created the biggest Drupal Commerce 2 site in the world, in record time. How does Commerce 2 enable us to develop advanced features faster, and what were our biggest challenges scaling an online store to tens of millions of products?

Conversational Commerce: Integrating Bots with Drupal Commerce

Engineering Manager
Axelerant Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Companies have successfully started using chatbots to connect with consumers to meet basic request and chat-based interfaces will probably replace apps as the primary way people use the internet.

The road to a headless Drupal Commerce future

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Senior Drupal Consultant
Commerce Guys

At Commerce Guys, we are working to make it easier to decouple Drupal Commerce to improve scalability and flexibility for agencies. We spent the earlier part of the year working on a Cart API for progressively decoupled cart experiences. The work wasn’t without its challenges. In this session, Drupal Commerce co-maintainer Matt Glaman will present the work done to develop this Cart API.