Digital Transformation + Enterprise

Digital Transformation

The Enterprise track is an opportunity for unique networking opportunities with and expert advice by award-winning vendors, with sessions and break out groups focusing on digital strategies, digital transformation, innovation management, hybrid systems and ambitious digital experiences, showcasing large-scale implementations of Drupal platforms and solutions integrating Drupal for global corporations.

Main topics we are looking for “Digital transformation + Enterprise” track:

  • Digital transformation with Drupal (case studies)
    What was your process of digital transformation, what were the business goals, what part Drupal plays in the solution and how did you measure success?
  • Enterprise products made for or made with Drupal
    What can enterprise use to complement Drupal to support their requirements? Are there reusable solutions out there that can serve as enterprise platform?
  • Technical solutions provided with Drupal
    Having Drupal as the chosen technology for digitalization, what does Drupal offer out of the box or what did your organization develop on top of the framework?

We are looking to provide value to our track’s attendees, to empower them with insights and give them information that will enable them to make better decisions when choosing Drupal as their platform of choice.

Track Chairs

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Drupal Competence Lead
Siili Solutions
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Technical Director
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Session proposals

Myths and Legends of Breaking the Monolith

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Product Engineer

Think about the following scenario: you have a giant Drupal 7 project with heaps of services and custom code, and things. It is a single point of failure and you want to replace it. Is Drupal 8 the logical option? Do you really want to switch from one to another monolith? There were others who had the same dilemma. Come to the session to find out what they did.

Compelling USPs for Drupal in large organisations

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Solutions Architect

Way too many times Drupal specialists compete with other CMS systems about the features and functions of their solution, forgetting about what really matters for the clients: reducing risk and cost while increasing growth! But how does Drupal fit into this calculation? Let's have a look at technical and business reasons, why large organizations rely on Drupal to achieve their goals!

There should be a better /admin/content! Improve your content management with Content Planner.

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Digital Strategist

We think, there should be a better /admin/content. As Dries mentioned in the Viennas keynote: "People (editors) spend their whole day, working with Drupal". Todays out of the box content management experience for editors can be better. We show how you can make Drupal a content editors favourite tool! We propose a whole new way of thinking about /admin/content.

The secrets of high-performance Drupal teams

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What are the secrets of “high-performing” development teams, what are the roadblocks to implementing them, and how can you take your development process from good to brilliant?