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DevOps + Infrastructure

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The DevOps + Infrastructure track is about ensuring reliability in a highly volatile world. Think of getting services up and running in a sustainable controllable way, think of rapid deployment, think of being faster than your competitor without compromising on excellence. This track goes beyond Drupal and exposed Drupal and other web applications to the world wide web.

How we develop web applications, and we focus on Drupal obviously, has changed significantly in the last few years. Composer based workflows, containerized local development, automated testing, continuous deployment and other practices are no longer “nice-to-haves” but business critical parts of many development or even less technical teams.

Come learn how to deploy faster, verify quality code more quickly and unlock new efficiencies and value for your business or organization. In the current era we are all competing against eachother based on time. Deliver business value more quickly compared to your competitor. This track tries to unlock some of the secrets other organisations already know for a while now.

A present for lazy developer: automating code quality control

Industry track
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Technical Lead
Colours BV

A session is focusing on code quality control and goes from simple to more complicated:

1. Defining the types of problems of the code

2. Evaluating its risks: psychological, reputational, time-related

3. Looking at the tools available to evaluate the code against the problems defined: PHP Lint, PHP Code Sniffer, PHP Mess Detector

4. Covering Drupal specifics of the task

2.03 Vanadium

Browser Testing with Nightwatch.js

Industry track
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PHP Engineer

It's been around 8 years since Behat made its entrance in the PHP world. Looking back, it's fair to say it meant a revolution thanks to which many development teams started to incorporate browser testing into their projects. However, Gherkin syntax, while very useful in some scenarios, it's not always the most friendly or desirable when writing browser tests. Enter Nightwatch.js...

2.02 Chromium

DevOps 101: building blameless, systematic, intentional culture at your organization

Industry track
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Open Strategy Partners

It doesn't matter how smart your strategy or technology might be if you're not leading people that trust each other and collaborate. In this talk, I'll give examples of how to address some of the blockers and opportunities on the path to building an intentional culture at your company.

2.03 Vanadium

Docker 101 for Drupal Developers

Industry track
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Principal Devops Engineer

Although this session is based at newer users, I aim to go over the basics of Docker and would relish some mentors to assist users. We will aim to make it as practical and hands-on as possible. So, come along, learn how to get started with Drupal on Docker and how it can be used for managing better software.

3.05 Radon

Down the rabbit hole: containerizing your Drupal site on Kubernetes and deploying it the blue/green way

Industry track
DevOps Enthusiast

This session is about containerizing your Drupal site in Kubernetes (on Google Cloud) and deploying it with Jenkins and pipeline scripts.
We'll be using a method called "blue/green" deployments to dramatically minimize the downtime of your site and provide redundancy features / having some extra safety nets in case something goes wrong.

2.03 Vanadium

GitLab (Auto) Review Apps with Drupal

Industry track
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DevOps and Backend Developer
Reinblau eG

Automatic Drupal instances per Git branch under your control, on your own server or your Kubernetes cluster.

When working with a (remote) team and/or for your sprint review, it is essential that your colleagues, product owners or stakeholders can easily try out your software, that is, not only see, but also make use of what you have implemented. Preferably, this should be possible for each branch in your repository.

2.03 Vanadium

Modern Workflows for the Modern Developer

Industry track
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Chaos Wizard

The modern web is a thing of beauty, but it is a complex beauty. Modern workflows require package management, build steps, automatic testing via continuous integration, cloud hosting platforms, and production parity local development options. This session will break down the needs of the modern developer and talk about the tooling required to meet those needs and create web magic.

2.03 Vanadium

Modular software, modular infrastructure

Industry track
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Linkfactory A/S

In this session, we will take a look at a trend called Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we are gonna take programming principles and try to apply them to how we organize and create our infrastructure. Finally, we will introduce drupaldocker.org and elaborate on why it's important to share the knowledge about basic principles and best practices, that should be featured by every project utilizing Dockerized environment.

2.03 Vanadium

Modules proudly hosted elsewhere

Industry track
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Technical Director

While drupal.org offers a great infrastructure to host modules sometimes you just want a little more. With the use of Travis CI it's easy to run all kinds of tasks to ensure you only release high quality code for the rest of the world to use. Allow pull requests for your module instead of working with patch files? Easy!

2.03 Vanadium

Professional Drupal hosting and development with Kubernetes and Helm

Industry track
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Kubernetes and its wide ecosystem of supporting technologies is revolutionizing the hosting industry and making container-based infrastructures accessible to a much wider audience. However, while there are existing (sometimes even "official") solutions that offer Drupal setups out of the box, most are missing support for the standard development processes that are used by professional Drupal agencies.

2.03 Vanadium

The Way We Work: Culture, Communication, and Containers

Industry track
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Co-Founder & CTO
Drud Technology
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Content creator
Open Strategy Partners

Is it possible to completely rethink the way we work? We would like to share how DRUD was founded on DevOps principles and how we continue to integrate our philosophy of work into our daily flow. In telling our story, we hope to inspire and help you support excellence in your team culture by building stability and quality into your daily workflow and agency philosophy. 

2.03 Vanadium

Varnish workshop

Industry track
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In this action-packed Varnish workshop, the mission is to bridge the gap between code and infrastructure from a web performance point of view. Varnish will be the primary tool to perform HTTP-based caching that will make our sites, applications & webservices bulletproof.

3.05 Radon

Virtual Machine, Container or Serverless

Industry track
Developer Advocate

One of the first challenges of moving your workloads to the Cloud is figuring out which three major flavors of computing technology to use: virtual machines, containers, or what is being called serverless. Each of these tools has its niche, its hype, and its downside.

2.03 Vanadium

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