Agency Business


The Agency Business track is aimed at attendees looking for actionable advice and ideas from business owners, operators, and executives on how to manage and grow their Agency business successfully. Sessions in this track will be non-technical, aimed at generating ideas and inspiration for recruiting and hiring, company culture, leadership, project management, sales and marketing, digital strategy and product and service offerings. 

Panels are welcome but preference will be given to individuals sharing a direct experience: story-driven narratives that provide in-depth lessons learned.

Suggested topics include:

  • Leadership ( Fostering Innovation, Management vs Leadership, Identifying your Purpose )
  • Agency Growth ( Scaling your Business, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Partnerships )
  • Operations ( Project management, Finances, Delivery, Engineering, Training, Recruitment and Hiring, Governance)
  • Culture ( Diversity and Inclusion, Managing Burnout, Building Trust, Staff Retention)
  • Products & Services 

Track chairs

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Managing Director
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Director of Partnerships
Axelerant Technologies, Inc.

Session proposals

Deciding on Drupal

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Michael Miles
V.P. of Technology
Developing Up Podcast

Drupal is a great tool for building digital products, but it is not the right choice for every project. Assuming Drupal is always the right solution places a technology bias above the needs of clients and projects. The result of which can be a mediocre product that wastes time, money and effort for both client and agencies. How do you, unbiasedly, determine Drupal to be the best framework to use for a project?

Marketing to Developers

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Developer Outreach Manager

No one likes a pushy sales person, especially developers. We want tools that save us time, that are recommended to us by our fellow, trusted, developer colleagues and friends.

Learn how you can create bonds, build programs & market to developers, that don’t like to marketed to.

Intercultural competence: The underestimated success factor

Profile picture for user Barbara Casarin

The Drupal community has a shared culture, however...

Personal cultural differences can be a surprising but major influence on team performance and happiness.

Learn about the different elements of what forms someone's culture and how to use that knowledge for the benefit of your international distributed teams, partners and clients.


Sales for Geeks - BizDev 103

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Chief Revenue Officer

Sales are a business success requirement. Learn how to build lasting relationships to cultivate ongoing opportunities so there is always money for groceries, rent, and vacations.

Droopler distribution - Drupal on a small budget

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We will all not compete for the enterprise market. We do not all want to do it anyway. In this session, I will show you how to compete with other CMSes, which are taking over the Drupal market. Droopler is a distribution allowing you to build beautiful websites fast and on "small business" budget.

A Drupalers Guide to Marketing

Director of Developer Relations, Pantheon

Marketers are an important audience for Drupal professionals. Learn why marketers matter, what motivates our marketing colleagues, what they care about and how to make your work more relevant and valuable to them.

Growing Great Teams

Director of Developer Relations, Pantheon

Don't leave whether you'll have a great team to chance. Learn how great teams can be produced through intentional design.

Open Source Engagement to Empower Business

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Co-Founder & CTO
Drud Technology

Keystones for successful open source projects include motivated contributors, a collective belief in the goals of the project, and a governance and support model that empowers contributors new and old.  In this session we will explore the science of motivation and examples of systems that apply Open Source practices to effective business management.  You will learn how to communicate more effectively with your teams and why a traditional