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Trainings will be held at Drupal Europe on Monday, September 10th 9am-5pm. We’re currently accepting proposals from professional Drupal trainers who are interested in presenting a training at the conference. You must have previous experience providing Drupal training. The deadline for submissions is July 18th.

    We’re looking for trainings on Drupal-related topics, such as:

    • Introduction to Drupal
    • Module development
    • Twig and Drupal 8 Theming
    • Decoupled Drupal

    Note that trainers will be responsible for handling ticketing, accepting payments, handling communication with the trainees, and promoting the trainings. Drupal Europe will support trainings by doing the room booking through the event at the venue and cross-promoting the trainings. We will be in touch with the trainers to confirm the details and room booking arrangements.

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