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Infoscreens in Darmstadtium

Tall screens

Most of them are meant to display information across the whole conference. Fed by "infoscreens_general" view. Add/remove pages flagged "promoted to front page" to add items to announcements. Keep the wifi and twitter tags around for daily attendees. For new announcements, the styling is pretty unique so best to check if it came out well.

Code Location URL
S1 Ground floor stairs left https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/s1
S4 Ground floor right side https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/s4
S6 First floor right side stairs up https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/s6

Some of these same screens are used to display venue maps. They are served from a page node. You should not edit this page. It serves the same announcements from the same promoted node sources as the program screens.

Code Location URL
S2 Ground floor stairs right https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/s2
S5 First floor by Amazee https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/s5


Review/edit announcements

Open Web Lounge screen

Code Location URL
M12 Open Web Lounge https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m12

This is located closest to the Open Web Lounge right side of the stairs up to Ferrum (which we don't use). Meant to be edited by Open Web Lounge leads to display up to date plans for the lounge program. Beware of the inline CSS when editing.

Edit Open Web Lounge screen

Parking garage screens

Code Location URL
U1 Level -1 https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/parking
U2 Level -2 https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/parking

Both parking levels have a screen. The two display the same content. This screen is also editable and is supposed to provide very high level directions for main locations of the day. For example for Monday: training, DA events, contribution and checkin. Note that there is a white logo that does not show well on editing. Update the table as appropriate. Other additions may not be styled well.

Edit parking screen

Level 2 and 3 room screens

Code Location URL
2.01 carbonium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/2.01
2.02 chromium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/2.02
2.03 vanadium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/2.03
2.04 titanium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/2.04
2.05 palladium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/2.05
2.06 argentum https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/2.06
2.07 aurum https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/2.07
2.08 platinum https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/2.08
3.01 oxygenium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.01
3.02 hassium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.02
3.03 germanium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.03
3.04 europium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.04
3.05 radon https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.05
3.06 xenon https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.06
3.07 argon https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.07
3.08 neon https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.08
3.09 helium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.09
3.10 hydrogenium https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/room/3.10

Each room has a screen on level 2 and 3 and we provide dynamic display of current and upcoming schedule items. These include off-schedule program signage like organizer room, speaker room, Acquia certification, Drupal Association meetings, etc. We don't have a facility to announce things globally on these screens but the data is taken live and forced to not cache. Pages are all served from the "room" view.

Wide overhead screens

Code Location URL
SR2 Level 2 elevator doors https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/sr2
SR3 Level 3 elevator doors https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/sr3
TA2 Level 2 mid-floor https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/ta2
TA3 Level 3 mid-floor https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/ta3

The second and third level general displays serve as wide-screen versions of the tall screens also served from "infoscreens_general". Not editable and no announcements feature is available. The screens are updated automatically from the view as time goes on. Items with end time's passed are removed. Only items for the current day are displayed.

Code Location URL
M1 Level 1 exhibition left https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m1
M2 Level 1 exhibition right https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m2
M3 Right side ramp from level 1 https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m3
M4 Backside of level 1 right side ramp https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m4
M5 Behind spectrum C https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m5
M6 Level 1 left side foyer https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m6
M7 Level 2 to level 3 ramp https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m7
M8 Level 3 backside https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m8
M9 Level 3 left side to foyer https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m9
M10 Level 3 right side to ramps https://drupaleurope.org/infoscreen/m10

The M screens display the same widescreen daily program as the TA and SR screens for now. We can make them different if we need to.

Screen location maps

Screens F1 and M13 and M14 are within Ferrum which we are not using. Screen S8 does not exist. We have links for the rest of the rooms.

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